Аrchaeological tours

PE “Belgrade Fortress” periodically organizes free-of-charge archaeological tours. Visitors of the Belgrade Fortress had a chance to visit archaeological sites in this area, with a special overview on interesting places on the Belgrade Fortress and on the latest archaeological localities.

As a part of free-of-charge archaeological tours accompanied by professional guides, visitors could see the remains of Despot Stefan Lazarević Castle, the North-East Rampart and the remains of the antique castruum, as well as remains of fortifications and buildings from the Austrian and Turkish period.

On the Lower Town, visitors could also see a complex of the East Gate of the Lower Town, the North-East Rampart, Little Gunpowder Magazine and the Sava Gate. All of the abovementioned are from the 14th century, the period of the rule of Serbian Czar Stefan Dušan.