Gazed Into The Sky – Sava Promenade, Kalemegdan Park

Еxhibition “Gazed Into The Sky”
Sava Promenade, Kalemegdan Park

“During the twentieth century Belgrade has been repeatedly bombed and almost completely destroyed. It was bombed by the enemy, but also by the Allies in the war. History of Belgrade during the past hundred years is written in lost lives and demolished buildings which disappeared in devastating missile explosions. Belgrade was destroyed by artillery shells, laser- guided missiles or in bomber over flights. The reasons for the bombing were also diverse – taking over the city, retaliation for disobedience, attacks on strategically important targets, manifestation of power. In partly restored and largely rebuilt Belgrade long ago dropped bombs lost in the swirls of war are being dug out even today”.

The authors of the exhibition chose a unique way of presenting the events related to the Allied bombing of Belgrade in 1944, which will significantly affect the current appearance of the Belgrade Fortress. These events , in the period from spring to autumn in 1944, are presented through the testimony of a writer and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric.

The exhibition is part of the event “Days of Belgrade”.

Team of Authors : Marina Andrić, Predrag Đidić, Tatjana Korićanac, Dr. Ivan Mijatović

Realization: PE “Belgrade Fortress”, Belgrade City Museum and the Military Museum in Belgrade

The exhibition was organized with the funds provided by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

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